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The Alberto Arango Restrepo CEDER Corporation is a non-profit institution located in Manizales - Colombia that since its creation has strengthened the processes of social inclusion of people with disabilities, families and communities through services and programs from the fronts of Education, Health, Employability, Regional and National Ceder, reaching an impact of more than 180,000 people.


Contribute to the transformation of people with disabilities in Caldas, through integral services in Health, Education and Employability with an expert and warm team, promoting social inclusion.


In 2021, CEDER will be an expert and recognized organization in social inclusion for people with disabilities at the departmental level, contributing to improve the quality of life of its beneficiaries.

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Within a Manizalita family, a girl with a hearing impairment encouraged Don Alberto Arango Restrepo and his family to travel to Mexico to rehabilitate their daughter, arriving in Colombia with the illusion of opening the doors of a rehabilitation center in the region, considering that for that time in Colombia there were no such institutions.

With his wonderful experience and great ideas, Don Alberto invited other families to participate in the creation of an institution, so they sent some people to be trained in Mexico.

In 1962, the Alberto Arango Restrepo CEDER Corporation was created with the objective of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities. During these years, CEDER has penetrated, evolved and implemented different strategies and policies for social inclusion. 

Photograpy: Alberto Arango Restrepo - Founder


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